Pastor Appreciation Month Giveaway


OCtober is Pastor Appreciation Month

Show your pastor that you appreciate the work he does for both you and your church by nominating him for our Pastor Appreciation Month Giveaway.



Enter your pastor in our annual Pastor Appreciation Month Giveaway for his chance to win:

  • Power in the Pulpit (Vines and Shaddix)

  • Progress in the Pulpit (Vines and Shaddix)

  • Decisional Preaching (Shaddix)

  • Passion Driven Sermon (Shaddix)

  • For God So Loved the World (Strickland and Hartman)

  • Baptists and the Christian Tradition (ed. Emerson, Morgan, Stamps)

  • Praying With Paul (DA Carson)

  • An Invitation to Analytic Christian Theology (McCall)

  • Real Peace (Farmer)

  • Pastoral Theology (Akin and Pace)

  • Worthy (Fitzpatrick and Schumacher)

  • Acts Commentary (Merida)

  • Daniel Commentary (Akin)

  • Song of Songs Commentary (Akin)

  • Preaching by the Book (Pace)

  • Answering God’s Call (Pace)

  • Find More Money (Rainer)

  • Theology for the Church (ed. Akin)

  • ESV Scripture Journal (Psalms)

  • Every Waking Hour (Quinn and Strickland)

  • Lies Pastors Believe (Hartman)

  • MARCS of a Disciple (Gallaty)

  • Nobodies for Jesus (Lawless)

  • Understanding the Great Commission (Dever)

  • One Nation Under God (Ashford and Pappalardo

  • Missions (Andy Davis)

  • 2 SEBTS Journals

  • SEBTS Stickers

  • SEBTS Stereo Speakers

  • SEBTS T-Shirt

  • SEBTS Jump Drive

  • CPPL Mug

Entries will be accepted through October 26th and A winner will be announced on our podcast (Pastor Matters) on November 2.


 Pastor Appreciation Month Giveaway Form

Some responses will be made into social media posts or shared on our podcast, Pastor Matters.


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