3 “Essentials” to Weather the COVID-19 Crisis

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Maybe you’ve heard the word “essential” a lot during this COVID-19 crisis. Essential businesses. Essential workers. Essential supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, face masks, and decent internet. Or, even more essential items such as ventilators and PPE.

But, these aren’t the essentials I’m writing about today.

Like many of us, you’re trying to figure out how best to make it through these unusual days. You are trying to get the essentials for adjusting to all the changes. COVID brings new questions like:

  • How do I fight the natural bent towards anxiety during a time of crisis?

  • How do I have hope amid a pandemic?

  • How do I navigate the new normal?

At the same time, you might be wrestling with some of the old questions that don’t disappear, like:

  • How do I discern the will of God?

  • How do I develop a consistent Bible study or prayer routine?

  • How do I overcome the reoccurring sin that continues to entice and entangle me?

3 Essentials for Faithful Living

With all the current talk about essentials, the answer to all our questions are three essentials for faithful Christian living: the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and the people of God.

The Word of God

While online church is not the same as sitting under the teaching of the Word of God in a physical gathering, we can still hear real teaching through technology. Some rightly argue there is something uniquely powerful that occurs through the work of the Spirit when the Bible is preached to the church physically gathered in one place. Surely this type of preaching is best. But in a time when it is not feasible, it is all the more important to continue to be present virtually for the preaching of God’s Word.

The Spirit of God

While crisis and pandemics may hinder the normalcy of other areas of our lives, the work of the Spirit of God does not change. Those who have accepted Christ as Savior have the Holy Spirit to guide, convict, and comfort us. He does not stop filling believers with power, nor does He stop illuminating truth. Pandemics like COVID-19 do not stop the Spirit’s convicting work in the heart of unbelievers, either.

The People of God

While virtual connection is not the same as in-the-flesh connection, we can still have real connections through technology. This virtual connection should make us yearn all the more for physical connections, but we can still share prayer concerns, hold each other accountable, and push each other to do good works. Thankfully, we are in a technologically advanced time where we can actually meet face-to-face without being physically present.

So what do these three truths mean practically? Don’t stop reading and hearing God’s Word. Don’t forget that the Spirit of God lives in you. Don’t stop making real connections with other believers. All three are essential for us.

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Kevin Hall

Kevin S. Hall is a graduate of Cedarville University (B.A.) and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Adv. MDiv). He is currently pursuing a PhD at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Kevin is a former police officer and has served in Mexico as a missionary. He is married to Bethany, and they have three children.

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