Dead Preachers Society

The Dead Preachers Society is a fraternity of gospel preachers and those interested in preaching who encourage one another to die to self and live wholly for Christ, carrying on the historic tradition of preachers who were passionate about God’s Word and the glory of Christ. Every week, the Dead Preachers Society gathers to: (1) study the life, theology, and ministry of a faithful preacher of the past; and (2) seek God in prayer for the Spirit’s power in our lives and ministries today, asking Him that a portion of His grace that was on them will also be on us.


The Dead Preachers Society exists to encourage preachers to live crucified lives in order to impact our generation for Christ through fervent prayer and the passionate proclamation of His Word.


The Dead Preachers Society seeks to challenge and encourage contemporary preachers to lay their lives at the foot of the cross and rise with a passion to carry the mantle of biblical preaching passed down to them by great men of the past. Seminary students, faculty, and staff will gather weekly to discuss preaching and the crucified life by studying the lives and works of Christ-centered preachers like Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, John Knox, John Broadus, John Wesley, George Whitefield, John Calvin, and Martin Luther. Essentially, preachers in the present will gather in a room with preachers of the past to dialogue about holiness, the filling of the Holy Spirit, and the prayer life of the preacher. The gatherings will seek to foster conviction about the primacy of the Word and the supremacy of God’s glory, a high view of the preaching event and God’s call to engage in it, and zeal for taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.

“Ministers, at this day in a special manner, should act as fellow-helpers in their great work. It should be seen that they are animated and engaged, that they exert themselves with one heart and soul, and with united strength, to promote the present glorious revival of religion; and to that end should often meet together, and act in concert. And if it were a common thing in the country, for ministers to join in public exercises, and second one another in their preaching, I believe it would be of great service.”

– Jonathan Edwards


The society will do two primary activities each week: (1) study the life, theology, and ministries of faithful preachers that have gone before us, making application to preaching today; and (2) seek God in prayer for the Spirit’s power in our lives and ministries today. Periodically, visiting preachers will be invited to speak to the group on some topic pertaining to prayer and preaching.


1. Do you have to be a preacher to attend?

You don’t have to already be a preacher; you just have to be a man who is interested in preaching and gathering for prayer with other preaching enthusiasts. The life of a preacher will be studied during most of the meetings.


2. When and where does the Dead Preachers Society meet?

· Every Thursday, 6:15-7:45 a.m., beginning February 15, 2024.

· Location on SEBTS campus: Sam James Conference Room (Jacumin-Simpson Building)


3. What does a morning at the Dead Preacher’s Society look like?

· 6:15 – 7:00 Presentation/discussion on a selected dead preacher

· 7:00 – 7:45 Prayer


4. Who should I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact Dr. Dwayne Milioni at [email protected].


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