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Prayer Without Words

Perhaps you have been there. Maybe you happen to find yourself there now, a place where you cannot seem to conjure up words to pray. Your lips can make the movements, but nothing comes out. How is it that you got to this point? Maybe you have found yourself getting caught up in recent news headlines. Maybe the repeated blows of life have left you feeling as if all hope is lost. Maybe you’re like me and suffer with bouts of anxiety. Or maybe you find yourself in this position for no known reason at all. All you know is that you cannot seem to muster up adequate words to present to our holy God.

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Personal Prayer in Spiritual Warfare

Jesus instructs us that the thief comes to “steal, kill and destroy.” Jesus, however, has come that we may have life, indeed, abundant life in Him (Jn. 10:10). Paul reminds us that his life in the Kingdom is “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 14:17). But the enemy comes and when he does his only desire is to ruin that which God is doing in the life of His sons and daughters. Among other things, the thief wants to destroy our ongoing testimony with God (witness) and to kill our communion with and dependence upon the Spirit and the Word. The father of lies wants to steal from us the tangible awe of who God is and the immediate remembrance of all that God has done for us practically and personally.

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