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Chapel Rewind: Victory through Suffering: The True Meaning of Philippians 4:13

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In this week’s #SEchapelrewind, Dr. Benjamin Merkle delivers a faculty lecture on the strength we find in Christ in the midst of suffering. In his lecture, Dr. Merkle explains how Philippians 4:13 is commonly taken out of context and how believers should interpret the verse.

Paul’s victory over his circumstances came through his union with Christ.

Other quotes from the chapel message:

“Contentment is not something you are born with… it is something that has to be learned.”

“When trials and suffering wage war, fight against us, through Christ’s strength we can prevail.”

“Paul did not let his dire circumstances prevent him from serving others or even having a joyful attitude.”

“The way that most people understand and apply this verse, that we can anything through Christ’s strength, misses the real meaning of this verse.”

You can tune into chapel Tuesdays and Thursdays in-person or via livestream.
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