Recommended Resource: “Expositional Leadership”

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Expositional Leadership by Jim Shaddix and Scott Pace

“David Platt says this book is filled with ‘explicit biblical wisdom and immense practical help for every pastor.’ A challenge for pastors to lead their church and shepherd their people through the preaching ministry, this book is a needed resource for pastors to maximize preaching the Word for God’s glory and the growth of his people. It’s 160 pages of practical guidance from two veteran preaching professor/pastors at SEBTS.”

– Dr. Chuck Lawless


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MDiv Preaching and Pastoral Ministry

The Preaching and Pastoral Ministry track prepares students for pastoral ministry in the local church with a special emphasis on expository preaching.


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The Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership exists to equip and encourage pastors to lead healthy, disciple-making churches for the glory of God around the world.

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