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Recommended Resource – “Preaching: A Sermon Collection” by Charles H. Spurgeon

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Preaching: A Sermon Collection by Charles H. Spurgeon and edited by Jason K. Allen

“In this volume Jason K. Allen has compiled some of Spurgeon’s most poignant sermons on the topic of preaching; and who better than the “Prince of Preachers” to speak to teachers today about the ins and outs of preaching the Word of God.”



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Timothy Scholars

Students who have a calling to pastoral ministry in a local church can complete a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity in five years through the Timothy Scholars program (BA to MDiv). Students in this program must have a passion for learning and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Timothy Scholars (BA to MDiv) students also have the opportunity to complete coursework under the leadership of a local church pastor, complete mission hours both nationally and internationally, and experience ministry first hand


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Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership

The Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership exists to equip and encourage pastors to lead healthy, disciple-making churches for the glory of God around the world.

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