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The Temptation of Lesser Opportunities

For a brief time, I had the fanciful idea that a life in the political arena might somehow be in the cards of my future. In college, I worked for several politicians and led the college’s conservative political organization.While I enjoyed my work, it was certainly not the calling I know the Lord had placed in my heart as a teenager. One election cycle was enough for me. Political work is certainly important work and like so many other professions, we need believers in this profession to be light in the darkness.

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Pastor, Does Your Church Sing the Psalms?

If you are a 21st-century evangelical, you probably do not sing Psalms in your church with any regularity. Perhaps the only Christians you know who sing Psalms are Presbyterians. These people tend to have an odd fascination with the Old Testament and use words like “Covenant,” “Jehovah,” and “brethren.” Simply put – Psalm singing seems strange to you. After all, are we not supposed to be governed more by the principles of the New Testament than the Old Testament when it comes to worship? Surely New Testament worship has little place for dull, dusty, dead Psalms.

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